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has anyone come off caffeine before


if so were joint pain, your lowerback/knees a symptom?

im 4 days off caffeine and the headaches and tiredness are gone..but now im unusually sore.

Coming off of caffeine can be tolling on your body if you don’t do it right. Quitting cold turkey maybe seem like a good Idea, if you are going from drinking 10 cups a day (okay maybe that’s a little drastic) to none, but it’s putting your body through a shock. The withdrawal symptoms can be crippling. Caffeine is a drug, and should really be treated as such. Quitting cold turkey from large amounts to nothing would be like expecting a 15 year crack addict to one day be okay if they didn’t have anymore fixes when they are used to 3-5 fixes a day, everyday. It is best to cut down say from 10, to 8, for a day or two, if there isn’t any withdrawal symptoms, cut down to 6. Still no symptoms, cut down to 4, and so on. Wean your self off of it. Remember, caffeine can be found in Coffee, soda, tea, energy drinks, energy bars, and such. I’m sure I probably missed some. I may not be a doctor, but I know what it’s like to go from tons of caffeine to little or none. Quitting flat out is not the way to go.

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